Earning $7,457 a month on sharing APK files: case study

Do you upload and share .apk files? There is important news for you

Not all webmasters and uploaders know how to get additional profit from apps that they share on their sites and file hostings. Affilight decided to reveal some details and share the experience of our publishers.

Why does it important for me?

$25,739 publisher has earned in January-May 2017.

Can I do the same thing?

Yes, you can. If you have a site, Facebook group where you share .apk files, or upload files to file hostings and apk stores (like getjar.com or aptoide.com), you can reach the same results.

Is it difficult?

No. You don’t need any additional knowledge how to code or anything like that. That is very simple! Follow this step by step guide:
  • Select Android apps and games you want to share
  • Upload them to our Wrap/SDK converter
  • Wait a little bit
  • Files are ready, now you can download them from Affilight.com
  • Share your APK files on sites, forums, social networks

Ok, so how does it work?

When users install apps they see ads. And you get profit from that! We pay a revenue share. In other words, when user interacts with ads, advertisers pay us and we give you a share of this payment.

Sounds good. I want to start today!

Great! First, you should create an account at affilight.com. Then contact our manager and tell that you want to share .apk files with our ads. Then briefly explain how are you planning to share .apk file. When the account is approved, you can start to make money!
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Hm, I need more details. With whom do you work?

In fact we never disclose information about our publishers. But we have asked our good friend to write a couple of words about his experience of working with us:

Looking for additional monetization

"In 2016 we were running several sites sharing some free apps for Android and stuff like that. These sites were our primary traffic sources and brought stable revenue flow. Yet, after an audit, we found out that we hit a glass ceiling. Our team failed both to increase traffic to the sites and to increase revenue from ads.
It was decided that increasing ads impressions would not be appropriate. Tests of other networks to find better rates didn’t bring any results. Moreover, we were looking for some stability, so jumping from one network to another was not an option.
The only remaining element, not making any money, were apps themselves. For some reasons, it was not possible to integrate common ads SDK. So we started searching for some alternative. We have decided to use SDK of Affiligh.com. For several reasons:
  1. Simple integration. We don’t need to code or spend time reading manuals how to integrate SDK. They do it with a converter. One should upload any apk file and then get a new build with integrated SDK.
  2. Stability. Comparing to some other solutions, it works much better. Even if some bugs appear from time to time, they fix them fast.
  3. Payment flow. As traffic volumes and payments grow fast they easily agreed to set net0 terms instead of net15.

Wow, seriously?

Starting from September 2016 we have added the first app with their SDK and got first install. The number of visitors was rapidly growing day by day. The main part of them were from Tier 1 countries.
On 18 Nov 2016, we got our highest revenue per day $1015,82. Since the moment we uploaded the first app to our site till 18 Nov 2016 our total payout had reached $35,369. The experiment was more than successful. We managed to get additional profit from the source that was not used before.

Seems we have an issue

Then we faced difficulties. Traffic to our sites started to go down as well as our main profit source - ads on sites. There is no surprise that it led to a drop in downloads and installs. In November the number of installs has declined by 27%.
Finally, Google’s update in December almost killed our traffic sources. Results in December were the poorest in comparison with other months. The number of installs has dropped to 2820 daily installs. Without the same volume of installs, we experienced a significant drop in daily active users. As the number of daily active users start to decrease our revenue from them also suffered.

It's time to restart

In January we decided to put these sites on hold as attempts at recovering have not been successful. The January’s numbers were not very optimistic. Nevertheless, We have managed recover from that. More or less. We got around 1,2K daily installs and have earned $5284 in April.
Even these sites do not as profitable as in 2016, in case of apps, they allow us to get a longterm profit. Even if we lose all of our traffic from sites, we will still have profit from apps. As long as apps remain installed on users’ devices, they provide us with backup money for future projects. Moreover, we found an interesting feature. Our apps were shared by other websites, which subsequently brings us even more installs as well as profit".
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Any questions?

See the complete guide how to make money with APK sharing in this article.

You are always welcome to contact us and ask any questions


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