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Earning $7,457 a month on sharing APK files: case study

Do you upload and share .apk files? There is important news for you Not all webmasters and uploaders know how to get additional profit from apps that they share on their sites and file hostings. Affilight decided to reveal some details and share the experience of our publishers.
Why does it important for me?$25,739 publisher has earned in January-May 2017.

Can I do the same thing? Yes, you can. If you have a site, Facebook group where you share .apk files, or upload files to file hostings and apk stores (like or, you can reach the same results.

Is it difficult? No. You don’t need any additional knowledge how to code or anything like that. That is very simple! Follow this step by step guide:
Select Android apps and games you want to shareUpload them to our Wrap/SDK converterWait a little bitFiles are ready, now you can download them from Affilight.comShare your APK files on sites, forums, social networks
Ok, so how does it work? When users install apps they see a…

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