10 simple ways to increase conversions of your landing page

Conversion form

1. Use a “sticky” conversion form, which stays before visitor’s eyes while scrolling. Many websites (e.g. Facebook) use this forms and they work really well.

2. Make your conversion form as lite as you can. Remove unnecessary fields from a form. Perhaps your potential subscribers don’t want to disclose their passport data, or extra contact info etc.

simple conversion form

3. Propose a bonus for the first 10 or 100 customers (subscribers). Do not remove this proposal even after the action is completed. Many users do not expect to become one of the lucky ones, but still subconsciously react to favorable offer.

4. Add a word “free” to your landing page. Of course, your visitors know that email subscription is free. But sometimes a word “free” performs miracles.

landing page form

5. On the example above you can see a pointer as an additional element to make a user pay attention to action button.

6. Video is an another good idea to add to your landing page. This will make a positive impact to some metrics (such as a bounce rate) as well as conversions.

7. Increase a period during which users can test your product for free. This is a simple and effective way to increase conversions for companies selling software and web services.

8. Use the A / B-test to find out which elements of your landing page affect conversions. Make experiment with various elements - colors, sizes, forms, locations. For example, colors of conversion buttons (in some instances, red buttons work the best. However, sometimes they annoy users.)

a\b test

9. Add users feedback to your page. Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools, and reviews are the basis of social proof. But it’s better not to use too general or false reviews - visitors can easily feel the difference.

10. Use live chat. Some people don’t want to call or send an email. Some of them have a question and are eager to get an answer right now. Do not miss that opportunity.